When you are presented with the facility of such historical value, strong personality and the spirit of bygone days, there is a decision that inspiration for basic visual components that would reflect its personality in front of the guests should be searched inside the house itself.


Old wooden doors and windows, oriels and decorative reliefs, wooden floors and decors, simply imposed its charm and patina as the ideal solution luring us to take them as a symbol of the restaurant.

The decision has been made: the marquetry from the center of the ceiling decoration will be our inspiration for the restaurant trademark Stambolijski. The octagonal form, not too ornate but elegant and moderate, with a lily flower as an element. The lily has a deep meaning starting with biblical interpretation where it is a symbol of love, purity and innocence. In heraldry it appears very early, from the time of the French royal dynasty symbolism whose main motive it was, through Byzantium and the Venetian Republic, to the old Serbian state, which contained it on coins and the coats of arms of many Serbian rulers. It is a common element in decorative ornaments of old Balkan architecture.

The elegance and beauty of this decoration was our inspiration for the design of the restaurant sign, while the selection of the direction that the name of Stambolijski would be inscribed imposed itself in the form of a simple font with straight lines that at the same time could be both traditional/rustic and modern/elegant. Their common structure represents and combines the atmosphere of two civil Serbias, one from 150 years ago and the present one which we aspire to.

See the photos and enjoy the beauty of the details.